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Course Description

In this 1-day fun and interactive hands-on course, you will learn how to create, customize, and maintain a WordPress website from scratch. An individual demo domain and web hosting account will be provided to you for a practical experience in creating a modern website from scratch.

What will you get out of this course?

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Create a beautiful and modern-looking website

• Customize and maintain a WordPress website with ease, including how to update web content, install useful plugins and utilize basic on-page Search Engine Optimization Techniques

• Be able to integrate e-commerce functionality into a website, while understanding how payment methods like PayPal and Stripe works

• Be able to back up and migrate a WordPress website to another web host

• Learn HTML/Web Inspection to gain further understanding of web development

Course Outline

Part 1: 3 Essential Elements to Build a Website

• Domain Name
• Web Hosting
• Web Browser

Part 2: Why use a Content Management System?

• How does it work
• What happens behind the scenes

Part 3: Domain and Hosting
• Purchasing Domain name and Web Hosting
• How to link both together
Part 4: Learn C-panel and its functions
• Setting up work email
• Installing Web Encryption
• How to look for Online Human Support in event of an issue
Part 5: Installing WordPress
• Setting up your WordPress Account
• Login in to your WordPress Dashboard
Part 6: Configuring Settings
• General
• Writing
• Reading
• Discussion
• Media
• Permalinks
• Managing Users
Part 7: Creating your first website
• Installing a theme
• Installing a child theme
• Creating Web pages
• Setting up your Main Menu
• Installing Layout for Website
• Adding and editing content with Visual Editor
• Adding Logo
• Creating a Contact Form
• Setting up a Blog
• Adding Blog Posts
• Learn how to customize Side-Bar
Part 8: Installing Plugins
• Installing useful web-plugins for speed, performance and marketing
• Set up a live chat application on your website
Part 9: Adding e-commerce functionalities
• Installing Woo-commerce to create an online store
• Add product attributes
• Set sales period
• Tracking quantity sold
• Inventory management and delivery
• Cross-sell and up-sell
• Create coupon codes
• Setting up payment gateways
Bonus Extras
  • Learn HTML/Web Inspection to gain further understanding of web development
  • Learn how Enterprise e-commerce websites are made

Target Audience

Marketing Executives / Marketing Managers / Business Development Executive /Business Development Managers / Entrepreneurs whom are interested to learn how to customize and build a WordPress Website.

Websites you will be able to design after attending our 1-day WordPress Course

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